Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[One-Shot] Love From Above

This story was originally handwritten by my friend in Chinese...I'm just posting the English version. You can also find it at my LJ: SherryArioka

Title: Love From Above
Pairing: Morimoto Ryutaro/ OC
Rating: G
Warnings: I do not own anything except for my story and the OC.
Summary: Nothing is impossible, everything is possible. This fact was planted in Ryutaro's head after he started a relationship with an unknown girl just because of his stupid words.

“Your love is too critical, let’s break up!” This phrase again! The phrase that made her life horrible! The phrase that made her perfect love ruined, towards each boyfriend, she would say ‘love’ whenever and always, she’d say it when they’re together, when they’re talking on the phone, even when texting ,not hesitating to say “I love you” But why would she get rejected eighteen times?
“I don’t want to live anymore!” Yumi rushed to the roof, without thinking, she took a step forward…
That’s…that’s…rubbing his eyes, Ryutaro was shocked to see what was happening on the roof top just beside his. Why is there someone who looks like she’s about to jump? Just as the confusion made Ryutaro anxious, that girl took a step forward, anyone can see she’s about to jump, without thinking Ryutaro threw the candy that was in his hand at the girl’s head.
“Ouch! It hurts!” turning her head sideways, she saw a cute puppy like face filled with terror.
“Chotto Matte!” Ryutaro who wanted to sneak away stopped dead in his tracks, looking at the girl who was ‘on fire’ and laughed awkwardly.

“Why did you throw candy at me for nothing?” Looking at the candy that was on the ground beside her, she started cursing under her breath.
‘Were about to jump’ thought Ryutaro.
“Because, what?”

“Because you were about to jump!”
“Why should you care if I jump or not? It’s none of your business!”
“But…Normal people who see you do that, would do the same right?” Ryutaro mumbled quietly.
“You better explain! Or else I’ll grab you and jump with me!” What a brat, Yumi thought.

“Eh…” Oh no! I came upon a female dinosaur! Ryutaro thought helplessly, fine…I’ll just admit it! He thought in his mind before speaking.

“Actually…I like you, that’s why I don’t want to see you jump.”
‘Not! I don’t want to die in the wrath of a girl at such young age!’ Ryutaro spoke in his mind.
“Nani? Are you sure?” Yumi stared dreamily at the sky “So god hasn’t given up on me!” She squeezed her eyes tight and smiled.
“Of course…”
‘Not!’ Ryutaro retorted in his head.

“Okay! So from now on, you’re my boyfriend!”
‘Yosh! I can’t give up life so easily, there’s still someone who loves the beautiful me!’ Yumi smiled.
“What?”Ryutaro was stunned, he stared at the girl…Why is there someone like…her?

“My name’s Yumi! What’s your name?”


“I asked, what’s your name?”


“I asked your N-A-M-E” he is so obtuse, but I have to admit, It’s kind of cute, and Yumi started feeling something for Ryutaro.

“Ryutaro…” Ryutaro replied.

‘How come I think I’ve heard it before? Yumi thought.


“Well, let’s meet each other after school, ne! Ja~” And then Yumi ran off giggling.

“Oh…”At this moment, the school bell rang and Ryutaro, who was still confused, started an unknown relationship from the roof top.
“Just perfect…” Ryutaro mumbled. 

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