Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Icon's Secret

It's almost my second exam in this semester, and I'm aiming for top five in my class ranking! >:D I should probably go study, which I was doing three minutes ago. Anyways, today's topic is 'Icons' I just found out how to make them two days ago, UNIQUE! :) 
I'll be sharing some of the icons I made of my dolls:
Starring: Chii, Daiki and Ryuu(Same order as the icons) 

Size: 96x96
File: PNG
Wahahahaha, I feel so proud of myself! LOL.

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  1. @Comment at my blog: I know right?! The videos were really cool! :D I really hope I get to go! I'm pretty excited about having the chance and just thinking I'll be in Japan for one year! :D ♥
    I even told all my friends about my plans xD I think I'm too happy about this. xD
    LOL Luck duck! That's why I really admire people who know Chinese since I think it's a piece of art to write all those characters down and etc. I'm like WOAH! O_O I have 3 kanji bracelets! ^-^
    Oh yeah! We can talk about this in my email ^-^
    Jasmine_Riot@live.com :)


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