Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hey!Say!JUMP With YOU

I found another JUMP quiz due to my boredom and not wanting to do homework mood. And so, check out this site for your own results:
I was shocked at my result, but it was cute! :) Hahaha. We're a couple ne! 
My Result:

HSJ members Yamada Ryosuke
First meeting In cooking class(which you absolutely hate) where you cut your finger and he saw and panicked. You had to take HIM to the hospital for fainting
Why is he attracted to you High pride, just like his! :P
Songs that describe your love relationshp with him Sakura Girl by NEWS
Relationship Couple
Mind sharing your result? I'd like to know! ^^

This month is Yamada Ryosuke's birthday! :) May 9th, I really can't wait! he's turning 18, that's a big number. Well, I shouldn't be saying so much since it isn't even his birthday yet! I just want to give you guys a quick notice that I'll be making a video for his birthday! 
Hint: It was when he finish filming Tantei Gakuen Q, I'll post the video with subs! xD Wait for that! 


  1. Ooo Sherry! You're cheating on Daiki :P JK xD
    Haha Right now I'll take the test!

    @Comment you left at my blog: LOL I'm really happy K-pop is taking over Mexico xD LOL Same here! I love K-pop but J-pop wins me ;D

  2. LOL, here's my result!!! :D Sorry for commentint soooo late.

    HSJ members :Yabu Kota
    First meeting :He found your library card and went to return it to you
    Why is he attracted to you :You are tame (lol)
    Songs that describe your love relationshp with him: Romeo and Juliet by HSJ
    Relationship :Sweet


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