Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Horikoshi Gakuen-Ryutaro Morimoto PapaPics

Finally there's Ryutaro papapics!!! He's officialy in Horikoshi Gakuen now!! I feel so happy for him. We don't have any homework today, so I'm very free! Except I had to review biology, anyways...I'm translating Wink Up 2011.3 HS7 into Traditional Chinese.  I've translated other ones, but...I think I delete the file after I print it and given to my JUMP friends. (Who don't understand both English AND Japanese) 
I might be sharing the Chinese ones, I'd have to retype the translations onto the computer...I wonder if anyone will actually read it, since most people only need English ones. Hmm, I'll see if it's worth it ne. 
I've ended the fanfiction, Reborn. Starting on a new one yo! 
I'm going to be writing a short drabble about this Horikoshi Ryutaro papapic...

Tempation By Sherry 

School was over, and one particular boy rushed out of the school gates and mixed with other people along the sidewalk. 

Ryutaro was walking along the streets of Japan, he was busy rummaging in his bag to find his phone, when he found it, he clicked the screen and let out a low sigh, following by a wide grin spreading across his face, he was looking at the photo on the screen. He couldn't wait to see it. 

Passing shops and stands of food, clothing and electronics, none caught Ryutaro's eyes as he kept on walking straight, the temptation of the smelly food, handsome looking clothes and awesome music from the CD store, Ryutaro payed no intention. 

Finally, he past through the glass doors of a familiar store, he looked to see his pet hamster chewing happily on some nut. 

"Chii!" Ryutaro shouted at the hamster. 

"Hello, Morimoto-san. Here to take your hamster home again?" The short counter boy asked, smiling widely. 

"Of course! As usual." Ryutaro picked up his hamster from the cage. 

"I see, have a nice day! Bye Chii and Ryutaro." The counter boy smiled at the hamster before biding Ryutaro goodbye. 

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