Friday, May 6, 2011

Being Mistaken as a Japanese IS SO COOL

 Today at school, I was going to the counsel office to find my counsel teacher, I'm going to sign up for a summer camp that makes T-shirts from the pictures you bring there, mugs and etc. Also, we get to wear Japanese yukatas! Since it's summer, we'll be chopping watermelons too. They give us a knife, and we 'chop' the watermelon in half. It's fun...I guess? ^^ Back to the point, when my friend and I went to the counsel office and when the teacher and us were talking about the summer camp, my counsel teacher asked if I was Japanese.  Hahaha, my friend also added, "When she speaks Japanese, she sounds like a Japanese girl!" Double Hahahaha, and then the teacher asked again, "Are you sure you're not Japanese?" I hate to admit it, but I'm not Japanese...T^T I wish I was!! And then something happened between my friend and my teacher, and then my friend hit the teacher jokingly on the head with some files, and then my teacher said, " You're not Japanese because of the '氣質' It's all because of the '氣質'." And then my teacher earned more slaps. Oh, search the Chinese word up! :) I don't know the verb of it. 

Cute ChiTaro moment!! :)  Aww, Daiki just bumped into Ryutaro. The way Ryutaro was thrown aside was funny. Hahaha, right now...I'm kind of Ryutaro biased. Mwhaha. Well, it's true that Hey!Say!JUMP is having a new single, their seventh single with the song 'OVER' as the main song. If you hadn't heard it, go! There are commercials with JUMP singing it in their spring concert. Speaking of spring concert, I can't wait for the DVD to be out. It will right?
By the way, have you guys eaten spring rolls before? THEY ARE AWESOME! Mostly because I MADE THE spring roll. 
Double by the way, for bloggers, have you tried the new thing called 'Location' it's on the bottom of the place where you post new chapters, and you click add. And when you do, drag it to Japan!! I couldn't find Horikoshi Gakuen yet, but I will!! >:D

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  1. Dude that's cool! Getting mistaken for a Japanese xD
    People say that when I speak Japanese I sound Japanese too xD
    I guess we watch too many Japanese related things xD
    And sometimes people ask me if I'm Asian xD
    Which I'm like "WOOO, Thanks for the compliment, but no I'm sorry I'm not Asian" xD & then I tell them my ethnicity xD
    I wonder why they think that...? XD
    Sometimes they say I look French or Italian~ O_O


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