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Fans all over the world-Hey Say Jump

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So how about 500 million?
I did something funny today, and that is: I personally went through more than 500 million Facebook profiles (yes, all of them!) to check where everybody lives and how many people list Hey!Say!JUMP as one of their interests. And the results were very remarkable and quite unexpected. I’ve made a list of the top 25 countries with the most Hey!Say!JUMPfans, according to Facebook:

Country            Facebook users                                   HSJ fans                           %

Philippines        20.802.540                                         12.600                              0,0606%
Indonesia         33.920.020                                          7.740                               0,0228%
Malaysia          9.874.860                                            3.700                               0,0375%
Hong Kong       3.678.960                                            2.980                               0,0810%
USA                146.591.880                                         2.380                               0,0016%
Thailand          7.387.960                                           1.360                               0,0184%
Japan              1.854.800                                           1.240                               0,0669%
Taiwan            10.425.820                                          1.180                               0,0113%
France             20.271.860                                          960                                 0,0047%
Singapore        2.280.800                                             900                                 0,0395%
Canada           16.636.880                                            600                                 0,0036%
South Korea    3.462.660                                              500                                 0,0144%
Chile               7.560.640                                             500                                  0,0066%
United Kingdom 27.545.920                                          420                                  0,0015%
Mexico             18.830.960                                          400                                   0,0021%
Australia           9.247.320                                           360                                   0,0039%
Peru                 4.094.400                                           300                                   0,0073%
Brunei              189.380                                              240                                   0,1267%
Vietnam           2.010.060                                           220                                   0,0109%
Saudi Arabia     3.097.660                                           140                                    0,0045%
Hungary            2.499.580                                          120                                     0,0048%
Brazil                9.518.700                                          100                                    0,0011%
Belgium            3.783.620                                          100                                     0,0026%
Sweden           3.913.500                                           100                                     0,0026%
Turkey             24.788.400                                          100                                    0,0004%

Total 394.269.180 39.240 0.00995%

Well how about that?
You can read so many interesting little things from this table. Let me point out just a few:
  • the country with the most Hey!Say!JUMP fans on Facebook is the Philippines (12,600). That may seem like a lot, especially compared with the relatively low number of fans in Japan (1,240). However, that’s just because most people in Japan use Mixi instead of Facebook, and those that are on Facebook seem to be more western-oriented (case in point: 25,000  Justin Bieber fans). Anyway, if you look at the percentages then 0.0669% of JapaneseFacebook users are Hey!Say!JUMP fans, compared to 0.0606% in the Philippines.
  • the country with the highest density of Hey!Say!JUMP fans that are on Facebook is Brunei Darussalam (0.1267%), followed by Hong Kong (0.81%) and Japan (0.0669%).
  • the country with the most Hey!say!JUMP fans outside of Asia is the USA (2,380 or 0.0015% of Facebook users in that country).
  • the European country with the most Hey!say!JUMP fans is France (960 or 0.0047% of Facebook users in that country).
What you can’t read from this table but what I also looked up is that out of the 39,240 Hey!Say!JUMP fans that are on Facebook there are 35,580 females and 3,540 males. The male/female ratio is pretty much the same (roughly 1 : 10) in all countries (and also pretty consistent witha poll I did among my blog readers back in June 2009), except in France where there’s only one male for every 22 females.
So yeah, in those 25 countries we have 394 million Facebook users and 39,240 self-proclaimed Hey!Say!JUMP fans. Since Facebook has a total of over 550 million users we’re probably looking at way over 50,000Hey!say!JUMP fans around the world, and those are only the people who are on Facebook which even I haven’t been until very recently. And that takes me back to the title of this post:

Where is everybody?
I mean, the biggest Hey!Say!JUMP community on LiveJournal has “only” 6,600 members. Where do those tens of thousands of other people get their news and magazine scans and videos from?

Am I missing something?
Anyway, wow, 12,600 Hey!Say!JUMP fans in the Philippines alone, and while it sometimes feels like I know about 10,000 of them personally it still is a very surprising and mind-boggling number. I really wonder if the figures in Mr Johnny-san‘s international email database are anything like that.

On a side note, I also looked up figures for Arashi and KAT-TUN fans onFacebook, and it turns out that the USA have more Arashi fans (11,760) and KAT-TUN fans (6,280) than any other country outside of Japan by a clear margin. Mr Johnny-san may want to consider that the next time he sends somebody out on a “world” tour.

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  1. Amazing number of HSJ fans! and im a fan of HSJ too!


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