Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summary HSJ

Hi~Hi~~ I've downloaded lots of Summary parts from various websites, and I want to share them badly. One, for you guys to download. Second, for you guys to enjoy. Anyways, when my exam finishes(tomorrow) i'll be posting all the cute little cut out parts from the summary(edited by me). Wait for it okay?
My stuff: Today was the first day of my exam, and I got 73 points out of 100 for my math test...T^T
I want an 80!!! We weren't suppose to know our scores, and I thought we wouldn't know...Until our math teacher told us that he'll tell us our scores! =3= LOL, the rest of the scores are going to be mailed from the school to our houses! Since tomorrow is the last day of the exam, which means that the day after tomorrow, will be the start of winter break!! Yay!!! Hahaha, so...I'll post lots of videos! Make sure to check it out :) I know barely anybody comes on my site, so i'll have to post lots of useful stuff so people will check my blog out! Mwhaha~ Ganbatte!
LOL, A picture I took in my bathroom...I was bored!


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