Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taxi #45 [Halloween Special]


    Taken from this horror story I read some time ago…
Miyabi and Inoo were walking one late night by Saitama Road. It was cold, because of the strong winds. Only a few cars passed by, and there wasn’t any nearby store in sight.
“I told you. We should’ve just stayed at Yabu-kun’s party. He said he was going to drive us home.” Miyabi sighed. Inoo placed his hand on her shoulder. “Relax. The party was getting boring already, and I don’t think Yabu wanted to leave yet. Besides, I’m sure a taxi will pass by here any minute now.”
Inoo feels a light behind him. He turns and looks at the light and sees headlights drawing closer to them. He assumes that it is a taxi, and they could finally go home. And as he thought, it appeared to be a taxi after all. Inoo signals the taxi to stop, and it stops a few feet away from them.
“I told you.” Inoo smiled.
“Okay, but look. The taxi’s filled.” Miyabi points at the back seats of the vehicle.
Inoo leans forward and takes a closer look to make sure his girlfriend was right, and sure enough, the car was filled with passengers.
“This driver is amazing! He knows his taxi is filled and he still insists on letting in more passengers!” Miyabi shook his head.
“Maybe this is where he’s dropping the passengers off.” Said Inoo.
“What? Why here? There are no houses or restaurants in sight. We’re practically in the middle of nowhere.” Miyabi looks at the vast field beside her and the gloomy forest at the other side of the road.
At that moment, Inoo started to get suspicious. He slowly approached the taxi. He leaned forward to take a look inside, and too his surprise, there were no passengers inside. He couldn’t believe it. There was no way he and Miyabi were just seeing things. He opened the door to speak to the driver, but to his horror, neither the driver was there. Inoo felt dizzy. Somehow he got into a deep trance due to the shock he was feeling at the time.
“So? What did the driver say? Are they going down or not?” his girlfriend snapped him back to reality and he managed to look at Miyabi. But he could only take a deep breath and gulp. He convinced himself that he was just hallucinating. He closed his eyes real hard and looked at the taxi again. Yet, what he saw was even more terrifying. This time, the taxi was filled with people. What’s even odder was that all of them were just looking blankly in front, not mindful of his presence. His eyes wanted to pop out because of disbelief. He started to walk backwards. His eyes were still looking at the taxi. Slowly, the passengers turned their heads and looked at him. Their eyes were so white. It was as if they were glowing. That’s when he snapped. He anxiously grabbed his girlfriends hand, and they started running away from the taxi.
He looked back to where the taxi was. His eyes widened when he saw that the taxi was nowhere to be found. He felt a sense of danger around him. He just wanted to get away from this place. He looked forward and saw a familiar set of headlights approaching them. He stood frozen. He couldn’t bear to confront that encounter again. He started running the opposite direction again, when a familiar voice made him feel safe again. “Miyabi-chan! Inoo! Get over here! I’m driving you home!” It was Yabu’s car after all. Without hesitation, Inoo took Miyabi and got in the car.
While inside the car, Inoo tried to calm himself down. He was still shocked about the incident. “Didn’t I tell you we were going to go home together? I just stayed later because Chinen was too shy to talk to Ohno.” Yabu scolded the two. “Well, your friend here wanted to go home already. He said the party was getting boring.” Miyabi leaned on the window.
“Don’t you know it’s dangerous here?” Yabu asked them. This caught Inoo’s attention. “You will never believe what happened to me!” Yabu looked at him with curious eyes. “What are you saying?”
“I saw ghosts!” he exclaimed. “Huh?” Miyabi looked at him. Inoo looked at her and said, “Well, when I approached the taxi neither the passengers nor the driver was there, but when I turned my head awhile, when I looked back, I saw them again. Their eyes were so white, it looked like light bulbs! I almost died in there!” Miyabi was speechless. “Stop that, Inoo. You know that I’m a fainthearted person!” After awhile the couple heard Yabu say “I believe you.” Inoo looked at his band mate. “You sure?”
“You don’t have the creativity to make that kind of stuff up!” he smiled and continued, “Plus, you’re not the first to encounter that around here.”
“Eh? What do you mean?” Inoo asked.
“Well, some of my classmates back in high school told me of a few encounters with ghosts right here in Saitama Road. That is what’s been scaring people for a long time now. That’s the scary ‘Taxi # 45 of Yamashita Company’. Five years ago, a driver and his four passengers all died when the car bumped on a tree. There are rumors that the car and it’s passengers still roam around the road. Some have spoken of instances of the taxi disappearing once they approach it. There are also stories like yours, that have disappearing passengers. I’ve even heard of stories when they let the person get in the taxi. While driving, the taxi stops, and when the person asks what’s wrong, the driver would look at him, but he would have no face. Some of my classmates have tried asking the company owner about this famous taxi#45, but the president just says that the taxi is in their garage because it’s a total wreck already. If this is what you encountered, Inoo, be thankful that’s the only think you experienced.”
Inoo took a deep breath. “ Ugh! This is the worst! Every time I think about it, it’s like a nightmare! I can’t get their eyes of my memory! They were so white, they looked like they were glowing! Kowai yo!”
“They say the reason why it glows is because the driver saw a really bright flash of light from a coming truck that’s why they fell and hit the tree.” Yabu replied. Miyabi buts in, “Inoo, that’s so scary. I’m feeling cold right now. I thought that only happened in movies. Thank God I didn’t take a look.”
“Miyabi-chan, just relax. We’re almost past Saitama Road, and we haven’t seen or heard anything from them.” Says Yabu as he glances at Miyabi through the rear view mirror.
As they were nearing the end of Saitama road, Yabu remembers another story he heard from one of his friends. “There’s another one. There were also instances of drivers seeing them in the sidewalk. Naturally, the driver just passes by them. They would just be surprised that when they look at their rear view mirror, the passengers are already seated at the back seat of his car.”
“What the-so what do the drivers do?” Inoo asks in disbelief. “Most of the drivers would get out of the car and run away. That’s why many cars get chopped because they are left there in the middle of the road. Some drivers are brave enough to ignore them, and one by one they would disappear. They only disappear when a car passed by. They say that’s already the Taxi#45. Some of my friends say that the reason why they do this was because they were trying to recall their memories, because they forgot what happened to them. That’s why if you see them, just ignore them. Think of it as a helping hand for them to recall what happened to them, so they could rest in peace already.” Yabu smiled.
They finally reached Miyabi’s house. Yabu escorts the two of them. Miyabi quickly enters her house, while Inoo shook hands with Yabu saying, “Thanks! I feel a little bit better about awhile ago!” Yabu smiles and replied. “Ii yo. The three of us felt your pain awhile ago. Besides, I saw them awhile ago too…”
Inoo’s eyes widened again. “Huh!? What? Where? When?”
“Relax. I handled it pretty well. Just don’t tell your girlfriend.” Yabu laughed.
“Eh?Why?” Inoo asks.
“When I saw them they were already inside the car, but I couldn’t scare the hell out of your girlfriend over there. That’s why I knew why she was feeling cold awhile ago. And don’t worry, you’re now in her house. It’s far from Saitama road, which means it’s far from danger.” Inoo sits on the stair step where Yabu stands. “Well, gotta go! See you!” Yabu waves and walks towards his car. “Whoa! A-are you sure you don’t want to stay here for the night?” Inoo screams. Yabu continues to walk towards his car and replies, “Yup! I still have to go back!”
“Are you crazy!? Back to Saitama Road!? Go home already!” Inoo was shocked for the billionth time.
As Yabu sat at the driver’s seat he looked at Inoo with a serious face and replied, “Trust me.”
As Yabu was driving away, Inoo realized why Yabu still had to go back. At the back seat was one last passenger seated. It looked blankly at Inoo with those glowing, white eyes. Yabu still needed to drop off one more passenger.
                         -The End-

NOTE: Made by Yukie-Chan~!
Sorry it was a late Halloween special! xD

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