Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Hey Say Jump Love Story~Chapter 4&5

Chapter Four


Ryosuke was shocked at your reaction, he didn’t know what to do, and he was panicking. Just then you felt warm, you noticed Ryosuke has came back to senses and he was holding on to you, and he was also wiping the blood away from your hands. You looked at him curiously. He told you its okay. You nodded. “I can’t be a wimp!” You kind of shouted. Now it is Ryosuke’s turn to be curious. You gave him a pat on the head and headed for the sink, and again Ryosuke was stunned. But he came back to senses again. He then got the food out of the grill and oven and put them in big plates. He was happy this is all over, and you guys had a lovely dinner.    

        The next day, when you were headed for work, you saw Yuri on the way. You waved and shouted his name. He looked up from his cell phone and waved. You smiled at his reaction; you don’t see lots of smiles from him ever since he started avoiding you. You jogged over to him “Ohayou Yuri!” “Ohayou, Miease” He replied. You asked him where he is going. “I’m going to Johnny’s! We have a photo shoot. And I think that we’re going to have a meeting about something.” “Oh, cool!! So Ryosuke will be there?” You asked curiously.”Of course!” He smiled at you. You smiled back. “Guess what cousin Yuri? I’m dating Yamada Ryosuke! He’s acting in the same drama as me!” You told Yuri proudly. He frowned at you. “What? I don’t believe you Miease, how can you be dating him? Ugh, I thought you have changed from when you where 15!” Then he called for a taxi and he drove away. You can still see the back of the car pulling out of the alley. You shrugged and kept on walking.

        *RING RING*

It was Ryosuke, you where shocked that he phoned. He usually never phones you during this early in the morning. And so you picked up the phone, “Yes Yama-chan?” “I have some good news and bad news! The bad news is that I won’t be going to the metropolis tower to act for about a week, and the good news is…YOUR COMING TO TOKYO DISNEY LAND WITH ME!! And the other hey say jump members too!!” Ryosuke told you through the phone. You screamed. “Wait! Wait! Hold on, but I’m going there for a concert performance, and we get to stay there for a week…so it’s like I’m going there for work. ” You were really happy and excited! “I’ll pick you up at 10am; make sure to get your packs ready. We’re leaving right away!” “Love you Yama-chan!” you quickly told him. Although there was no reply, but you knew he heard you.

        You ran home and quickly packed your stuff, you were done at 8 thirty, and couldn’t wait for when Rysouke comes to pick you up.



Chapter Five


        And so, when it was ten o’clock Ryosuke came to pick you up. “Hi, Miease! Ready?” Ryosuke asked you cheerfully. “I’m ready as can be Yama-chan.” You told him. Then let’s go he said.   

        When you guys got onto the train you can see that the train has compartments, and Ryosuke led you to one of the compartments with a sign that said “Reserved” on it. He slid the door open, and you immediately see Hikaru-kun, Inoo-kun and Daiki-chan in the compartment playing with a video camera. They didn’t seem to see you guys until Inoo-kun shouted out “Yama-chan! You’re here!!” Then Hiakru-kun said “Who might this girl be?” He stood up and put a hand on your shoulder and slightly pushed you to where his spot used to be. Daiki-chan and Inoo-kun were sitting by your left and right. You were nervous, especially when Ryosuke replied “She’s my girlfriend! Miease Chinen, cousin of Chinen too!” When the others heard this they were shocked, Hikaru-kun did a funny thing, he took three deep breaths and acted like he’s almost going to die. The other two started doing the same thing too, and Daiki-chan fell onto your lap! You were shocked at first then started to pat his head “Sleep little baby, hush hush hush.” He pretended to sleep and even sucked his fingers; seconds later he sat up and laughed with the others. Ryosuke sat with Hikaru on the other side of you. Just when you were having a great time chatting with Daiki-chan and Inoo-kun, the compartment door opened, you noticed it was Yuto and Chinen. Chinen was shocked to see you here. He jumped a little when you introduced yourself to Yuto. Chinen sat beside Hikaru and they started playing some game until Yuto turned to face Yuri and said “Miease is your cousin! How come you’ve never told us?” Chinen replied “Well, you guys only met her just now.” Then Daiki-chan said “well…Lets introduce ourselves! My name is Arioka Daiki, call me Dai-chan!” Daiki smiled brightly. “My name is Inoo Kei desu~~Call me Inoo-senpai!!” Inoo-kun laughed. “Yaotome Hikaru yo!” Hikaru did a pose and then sat back down. Yuto stood up and said “Yuto Nakajima des! Ohayou~~” Last you stood up and took Daiki’s hat off of him and bowed “I’m Miease Chinen. 16 this year!” and then you threw Daiki’s hat upwards. The whole compartment laughed, and you can even see Chinen laughing too. You were glad to make him happy. Just then Yabu walked in. Hikaru yelled “Yabu-chan!!!” You turned your head towards him; he made a face “Eh? Who are you?” You replied “Miease Chinen” politely. Ryosuke patted Yabu’s shoulders and said “She’s my girlfriend.” Yabu was stunned; but he recovered quickly with a “WHATS?” The whole compartment started to laugh again. Yabu then sat down beside Chinen. The compartment quiet down a bit. By the next stop, Ryutaro, Keito and Yuya came on. The whole conversation started again. You were really enjoying yourself.

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