Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Hey Say Jump Love Story~Chapter 3

Chapter Three


        Ever since that incident happened between you and Ryosuke you guys have been closer than ever. What will change today?

        After work, you can see the sun going down. When you were just thinking about what you will get for today’s supper, Ryosuke came out. He jogged over to where you’re standing and reached out for your hand. Once he got a hold of it, he held on tightly and asked you if you were hungry. You turned around to face him and smiled, and then you replied him with a simple nod. He then ran in front of you not letting go of your hand which makes you start to run too. Finally he stopped in front of the super market, Ryosuke told you to wait here until he came out. While you were waiting, it started to rain; first just tiny drops then minute’s later huge big drops of water came showering down. You held out your hand to cover your head and ran inside the supermarket for cover. By the time Ryosuke came out, you were shivering. He noticed immediately and got out his umbrella and covered you with his jacket. You felt really warm inside his jacket. You can also smell the scent Ryosuke has from his jacket. You felt better. Ryosuke then held out his hand and you took it. He pulled you close to him and opened his umbrella, and the two of you were walking down the street like a loving couple would on a rainy day. But you still couldn’t get why he needed to buy those vegetables and meat, so you asked him through your shivering gritted teeth. He didn’t reply, and so you looked at him. You saw a smirk across his face, you knew something was up. And all you can do now is wait and see.

        Once you and Ryosuke got to your house, to your surprise he came in with you. That’s when he announced that he’ll be staying with you tonight to make you dinner! And then he added another phrase “I guess you can call this our first date Miease!” You gave him a peck on the cheek and went to take a shower. Ryosuke was stunned; he stayed still for about a few seconds then slowly put his hand up to where you kissed him. He slowly smiled, then went into the kitchen and started getting the water boiled. 

        While Ryosuke was making the supper, you were still in the shower. You were singing Hey Say Jump’s “Dream Come True.” Ryosuke heard you from downstairs and laughed at how well you sang it. Later on, when you came out of the shower, you felt refreshed and clean. You then set up the table. While the rain was pouring out side, you felt safe and sound under the roof with your boyfriend Yamada Ryosuke. Suddenly you heard a thunder; you were very scared of them. You immediately drop the plate in your hand and covered your ears with your bleeding hands, and then you fell onto the ground.

And that is the third chapter!

Later on i'll be posting each chapter day by day~~ 

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