Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Hey Say Jump Love Story~Chapter 1 & 2

“Miease Chinen! Time to wake up” your mom called. “I’m already up! I can’t miss out my first day at my new job can I?” You replied. “Whatever, I’m not going to be home for a month, so remember to do the chores and buy dinner on your way back okay?” “Yes mother.” “Oh, and If you need any help you can always call your cousin Yuri!!” You made a face and then started down the stairs. Can’t wait to be home alone! You thought.
While you were nibbling on a piece of toast, you saw your mom’s car pull out of the driveway and onto the road. With one last bite you finished your toast and grabbed your bag and started for the door.
Minutes later you got to the train station, you couldn’t wait to get on. But just then, you noticed that you have no idea which way to go and which train to take! You were really pissed, you scolded yourself about that you can’t do anything right. Just when you were about to give up and call for taxi, a boy with huge sunglasses and a black hat asked if you need any help. You never were afraid of strangers and at this desperate time, you gradually said “Please! I am so lost here…” “Where are you going exactly?” “Oh, I need to get to the Metropolis tower; I need to get there for work! It’s my first day…I don’t want to be late…but I don’t know which train to take!” “Ha-ha, Me too! My name is Yamada Ryosuke, nice to meet you!” “Miease Chinen Desu~”

*On the Train*
        “Tell me your name again please?” Ryosuke asked. You said “Miease Chinen” “Your last name sound like someone I know.” “I KNOW Yuri CHINEN right? He’s my cousin.” “Oh, WOW! How come I’ve never heard of you from Chinen?” He asked curiously. “We don’t really like each other.” “Sorry to hear. Oh, why do you need to go to the metropolis tower?” Just then I felt really proud that he asked that, considering that this is my first ever acting job. “I am the female lead for the new school drama!” You saw a smile appearing on his face. “I’m the male lead in fact!”
        You were shocked, you and Yamada Ryosuke a famous pop star acting in the same drama! TOGETHER! You were really happy, thinking that from everyday now, you’ll get to see him! Your face turned a bright red, that’s what happens when you’re really excited. You face goes really red. Ryosuke broke the silence. “Are you okay? What’s with your face?” “Oh, nothing…” You didn’t want him to know that you were a crazy fan girl.
        When you guys arrived at the metropolis tower, you couldn’t wait to go inside and start your first day of job!

Chapter Two
From then on, you and Ryosuke have been really close, and made some of the girls on the set jealous. But you never mind them. Days and days have passed, your acting career is building up day by day, and even some companies want you to act for their commercial!
        One day after work, you and Ryosuke took the train together, and as usual Ryosuke always walked you home. You thought, just because you’re a half year younger than him doesn’t mean he can treat you like a baby. But at least he cares you always remind yourself. Even so, when you were always with him. You felt really happy and protected, and sometimes you even wonder if you actually like him! Today, that feeling has come true. And you hope that one day he has the same feeling for you like you have for him.
         Today is a very spectacular day! You saw Harumi-chan and Ryosuke-chan around the washroom, there was no one else there and the lights where barely on. You secretly sneaked over and hid under a radio set where they couldn’t see you.

     “Ryosuke-kun…I…I…I’ve had a crush on you since I saw you acting on the first day of this job! And I really…really like you…So please go out with me!” Harumi shouted out. “I’m…” Ryosuke didn’t even finish the sentence and you ran out of your hiding place, you screamed at Ryosuke. “I really like you too Yamada Ryosuke! You can’t just accept the offer! It’s not POSSILBE!!” Just then tears started pouring down your face; you then ran into the girl’s washroom and locked the door. That’s when you started sobbing and crying your heart out.

        You can hear Ryosuke outside talking to Harumi again, and then you heard footsteps and crying sounds from outside. It went quiet for a while, but suddenly you heard pounding sounds outside on the door and Ryosuke shouting “I’m Sorry Miease! Please come out! Please? Be a good girl!” You replied him with a big and loud “I AM NOT A KID!!” He stopped pounding, seems like he gave up you thought.

        Hours later, when there was nothing left to cry, and your stomach was growling badly you unlocked the door and tiptoed out. You screamed at the sight that Ryosuke was on the floor asleep. Good thing you didn’t step on him. Ryosuke woke up when he heard you scream, he yawned and stretched his arms and legs and stood up. “You came out! I knew you would!” then he put on a cheerful everyday smile.

        You replied him with a hollow face and said “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” “I can’t! It’s just that I can’t do something I don’t want to with someone I love standing right in front of me! It’s impossible!” Ryosuke smiled his bright smile again. You were shocked at his answer. 

This is the first time I've written a love story, and i wish you guys can comment and tell me what is bad about my story, and if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me!.  

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