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A Hey Say Jump Love Story~Chapter 6


Chapter six


        It took a long time to get to the Wonderland, Keito, Yuto, Yabu and Ryutaro fell asleep, which leaves you and the others talking. Later on Chinen and Takaki got bored and fell asleep too, and even Ryosuke got tired. That leaves you Inoo-kun, Hikaru and Dai-chan alone. You got bored eventually just staring out the window, but you then thought of an idea. You took out your camera and snapped pictures of the JUMP members while they were asleep, Hikaru and Dai-chan helped you too. Inoo-chan was eating a lunch box. You took pictures of him eating too. You were going to use these pictures to make a photo album and keep it yourself.

        By the time you guys got there. It was already dawn. Everybody acted like little kids, they all went crazy and started hugging each other until Yabu-kun led you guys into the hotel, a warm air welcomed you guys into the building. When Yabu and Hikaru went to check in, the rest of you just stood there. You guys couldn’t wait to go in! None of you have been to the Disney Wonderland before. Once Yabu-kun and Hikaru finished checking in, they led you guys to the tenth floor where your rooms are. A trouble came, well, at least you thought it was a trouble. But when you asked “Who will go with who?” Ryutaro replied “We can go with anyone! We’re like really close brothers” “Oh” you said quietly. There was silence. Yuto suggested “How bout we all sleep in the same room? And put our luggage in the other free room?” Everybody nodded and patted Yuto’s shoulders. This CASE IS SOLVED~ you thought to yourself.

        When you guys finished putting your entire luggage into the free room, you guys went down together to the buffet dinner set that was already waiting for you guys to come. There were lots of other guests there too. Later, when dinner was finished Inoo-chan reminded that there was a fireworks show at ten o’clock, and told us not to miss it!

        After you guys finished dinner, you guys followed Hikaru to the outdoor amusement park. You and Hikaru were jumping up and down yelling at the others to move faster. When the others finally caught up, you and Hikaru were wining like a little baby. Ryosuke came over and patted you on the head, then added a phrase

“I don’t want to be your mother ne, Miease.”

You looked up at him and smiled

“But I like you better as a mommy! You cook well.”

Hikaru popped out of nowhere and nodded his head. Inoo-chan came over and shouted

“Mikaru 1 point! Yama-chan 0!!” 

Everybody laughed, and then everything went back to normal. Minutes late Ryutaro pointed out that we were just walking in circles, and that he wanted to try the bumper cars. Yuto spoke up

“I want to see Keito scream on THOSE roller coasters.”

Yabu then announced

“Since you guys want to go on different rides, how about we all split up?”

Everybody nodded in agreement. After everyone partnered up, Yabu spoke again

“See everybody at eight o’clock in front of the Rockie Food Bar! But don’t go in ne!”

Everybody shouted


        Keito, Chinen and Yuto went to the extreme roller coasters while Yuya and Ryutaro went on the HIGH rides. Hikaru, Yabu, Inoo, Daiki chose to go on rides that all of them can fit on. This leaves you and Ryosuke alone. For a while, you guys were just holding hands and looking at everything around you. After you suggested to go find Dai-chan and the others, Ryosuke agreed. He then kissed you on the cheek. You weren’t surprised; you poked him lightly on the cheeks. You then remembered about your camera, you took it out and quickly snapped some photos, he looked perfected. When you and Ryosuke caught up with Dai-chan, Hikaru, Yabu and Inoo, you jumped onto Dai-chan’s back, he was shocked and almost fell onto the floor. They all laughed. Mostly Yabu, he was about to pinch Dai-chan when you tackled him. Yabu thanked you

“Thanks Miease!”

You replied him with an air hug. He was surprised, but then recovered real fast. Just then, you noticed that Ryosuke kept quiet, you stopped playing around and suggested that

“The six of us should go on THAT log ride!”

Everyone’s head turned to where you where pointing. Inoo-chan made a wimping sound. Hikaru and Yabu muttered


You told them

“That ride has five big slides, as you can see, the first slide is backwards then front, then it goes backwards spinning then down again. The last time are both from the front, and just to let you know, we’ll be going into a complete dark cave for 3 slides. It also takes photos at every slide! Doesn’t it look fun?”

First Yabu agreed to go, then Ryosuke and Daiki. Later on Hikaru finally gave in.

“Inoo-chan? Let’s go together ne?”

You smiled sweetly at him and batted your eyes. He eventually gave in too. When it was time for you guys to go on, you were really excited, you’re grabbing onto Ryosuke’s sleeves. You guys sat by your heights. In the front was Ryosuke, then you, then Daiki, then Inoo, last was Hikaru and Yabu. Just when the ride was about to start, you settled yourself with your hands around Ryosuke’s waist, Dai-chan put his hands on your shoulder, you looked at him and smiled, he smiled back.

“Dai-chan’s smile is soo kawaii ne!”

You thought to yourself. At last the ride started, Inoo-chan was covering his ears while Hikaru covered his eyes. Yabu put his hands up to his face and slightly covered his mouth, acting scared. While you were squishing Ryosuke and Daiki was holding onto the side bars tightly. On each and every slide you guys switched poses. Off the ride, each of you bought the five photos. Hikaru sighed

“Aren’t we the best actors ever? We can even act on rides.”

Yabu laughed loudly. We all look at him. He stopped and coughed. Everyone chuckled at Yabu did. You guys rested on a bench for about half an hour, while you bought then each an ice cream. They all thanked you. Ryosuke wondered

“How did you know I like strawberries ne, Miease?”


Inoo and Hikaru said at the same time, while Daiki was trying to get a lick out of Rysouke’s strawberry ice cream, and quickly bent down and stole a little piece of ice cream. Yabu imitated the scene when he tried to get one lick of Inoo’s mint ice cream. You guys all laughed. They all thanked you for the ice cream.

        Keito, Chinen and Yuto went on lots of extreme rides; they also talked about lots of gossips, mostly about you and Ryosuke. Yuya and Ryutaro tried lots of really HIGH rides, Yuya wasn’t scared of any while Ryutaro screamed like hell on every ride they went on.

        Hours have past and it was eight o’clock already. Yabu led the six of you back to the Rockie Food Bar, and you guys waited for the others to come. Slowly Chinen, Keito and Yuto came with big fluffy hats and Keito was even holding a huge doll. Kieto told you guys

“There’s a fair on the other end of the amusement park ne~!”

He held out his doll. Hikaru replied

“A FAIR!? And you didn’t tell us?”

Chinen said

“We wanted to go with minna on another day!”

Just then, Yuya and Ryutaro came. Yuya was nudging Ryutaro’s head and they were walking like two drunken men, wobbling from left to right. Yuya asked

“What…another day?”

Yabu told the drunk boy

“Chinen is going to take us to a fair another day.”

Ryutaro and Yuya shouted out agreements. Hikaru muttered to Inoo-chan

“It’s either they went on too many rides or they really did get drunk ne~”

Inoo laughed. Yabue led you guys from the Rockie Food Bar back to the hotel rooms. Yabu told you guys

“Minna! Take a shower, after everybody’s done then we’ll get ready for the fireworks!”


Everybody shouted out together. Daiki pointed out

“Miease-chan can’t have the same shower room as us!”

“I’ll just go to the other room.”

You said offend, and then you left. Seconds later, you came back with

“I forgot my bags…”

And a bright shy smile. Ryosuke left with you on the second time.


Daiki gapped.

“Snapped out of it dude!”

Yuto clapped his hands in front of Daiki’s face. Daiki immediately came back to senses.

“She’s one beautiful girl…”

Daiki said.


Everyone replied him.

“I think I’m in love…”

Daiki said.


This time only Hikaru replied. He looks around and found that everyone was shocked at Daiki’s words.

“How can you?”

Chinen told the lover boy.

“I don’t know…It’s just…her smile, her laugh, her looks. It’s just so perfect; she has a nice personality, easy to talk to. I can’t name one thing that’s bad about her!”

Daiki confessed. Ryutaro got pissed

“You can’t just do that. We all know Miease-kun is Yama-chan’s girl!"

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