Friday, November 4, 2011

[HSJ Short Stories #1] Freedom

The shadow of one particular girl was seen in the dark alley. The girl was running, skipping yet dancing at the same time. Giggles could be heard from the girl.

A boy looked at his watch as it read 8:08; he looked down from the balcony to see the girl skipping happily up the small slope in the alley. It was his daily hobby, around eight o’clock; the girl would come up the small slope to go back to what seems like her house.

He found it funny as she would run up the slope, singing, giggling and laughing. He’s been watching her for a month already, the girl never noticed him though.

But today was unusual, she noticed him staring at her from the fourth floor. She blushed immediately; it was a good thing that the dark night and the dark alley covered up her redden face.

“Uh…Did I disturb you? I’m really sorry.” She said, shouting through the wind.

“What’s that for? You’ve done nothing wrong. But why do you…You know, sing and skip everyday around this time?” The boy shouted back. He felt embarrassed for asking such a weird question; she would know that he has been watching her all this time.

“I feel suffocated in cram school, I feel so happy after the long hours.” The girl replied.

“I’m Yabu Kota by the way.” Kota took chance to change the subject before the girl suspects something was wrong with what he said just a moment ago.

“Suzuki Aya desu.” Aya waved and smiled. Barking sounds were heard, “sorry, those are my dogs.” Aya laughed as Kota grinned.

Their relationship sprouted from then on. 
For KumoNoAaKoi!!! Hoped you like it. I made it bright and not sad! :)  Please comment~ 


  1. I love how simple yet refreshing the story is. <3

    even though it's short, it's still very very very fluffy. ^///^ I would love to know what happens next. It's so cute.


  3.'s short yet sweet :] I really love reading your HSJ short stories Ganbatte!


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