Sunday, April 3, 2011

Four Days Holiday

From Saturday to Tuesday, we don't have school! On Monday, it's Children's Day, and on Tuesday, it's Ching Ming Festival! :) Four days of relaxing! It's Sunday right now, and I'm back. Yesterday, I went back to my grandma's house. We went to Karaoke, ate lots of yummy food! Today, I helped cut, wash, grill food! It was fun! But I kind of shaved off chunks of my nail! ^^ I had fun, and tomorrow...I'll get to stay home and do nothing! Today, for lunch, I made myself a spring roll. It was awesome! Sweet, sour at the same time! Food is like gold, while JUMP is like food. My cousin brought her boyfriend home, they were five years apart! That means, if I ever have a chance, I can still date Ryosuke, Yuri, Keito and Yuto! Age is not a problem ne! I really do hope it's not. But I should stop dreaming of becoming their partner...The chance is a million out of one! I should of brought my camera with me, but I forgot. =3= 

Anyways, here are some Yuto and Ryosuke scans from the spring notebook! Credits to the owner! ^^ 

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