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Myojo May 2011: JUMP-kumi relationship chart

Translated by: arisu_chan25
Credit to her!! Check her out on LJ: http://community.livejournal.com/hey_say/2518066.html
I didn't change a single thing! Only the Font. 

Myojo May 2011: Hey! Say! School Class JUMP

Arioka Daiki: Everyone’s friend in class
Yamada Ryosuke: Silently burning prince
Chinen Yuri: Smile Koakuma (T/N: koakuma means something like little devil, so I totally agree with this description of Chii xD)
Morimoto Ryutaro: The little brother that loves baseball
Takaki Yuya: Original brown-haired GUY (…sounds weird after translation >.>)
Yabu Kota: The one who brings everyone together
Inoo Kei: Forever random BOY
Yaotome Hikaru: Lively mood-maker
Okamoto Keito: Guitarist who returned from England
Nakajima Yuto: Holds many interests, and skillful, tall height


Dai-chan<-->Yama-chan: Best Friends (not sure…but I’m just guessing)
His heart is really big, and he’s kind, I love him. But sometimes he’s kind of random…(Yamada) / Our relationship is such that I’m the boke and Yamada’s the tsukkomi. Though the things we talk about are always just full of foolish things ne….(Arioka)

I have no plans in losing to that guy in strength. Even when we battle, I’ll definitely win! (Yamada) / Lately, Yama-chan hasn’t been attacking me. This means I’ve won, right! (Morimoto)

Ryu<-->Keito:What’s Up Buddies
Our relationship is one where we greet each other with “Hey! What’s Up?” Right now, between the two of us, that’s what’s in. (Morimoto) / After I taught that to Ryutaro, he really liked it, and he keeps saying it (laughs) (Okamoto)

Keito<-->Dai-chan:Telephone Partners
Whenever I get lonely, I call Dai-chan right away. (Okamoto) / With Keito, our musical interests match. One day, I want the two of us to do something together. What that would be, we would think about that from now. (Arioka)

Keito<-->Yuto:Session Buddies
Even without a drum, I make rhythm with a box or chair. (Nakajima) / Whenever I get asked “Can you play this song?” and I play it, no matter where we are, he would always say, “Let’s have a session.” (Okamoto)

Yuto<-->Yabu-kun:Twin Tower Combo!?
Because our heights are tall, we’re the unit that speaks our mind about that worry. That’s the Twin Tower! (Nakajima) / Waist pain is tough, yo~. Right now, Yuto might even be taller!? (Yabu)

Yabu<-->Hika:Childhood Friends
When we’re with everyone, he speaks poison, but when it’s just the two of us, he’s really nice. Hikaru’s a tsundere. (T/N: someone with a hot-cold personality) (Yabu) / The Yabu lately, compared to back in our middle school days, has become quite a lot smarter, na~ (laughs) (Yaotome)

Yabu<-->Takaki:Just the right amount of distance
A big brother presence that I want to rely at times when I need him. If there’s anything that I don’t know, I would first ask Yabu-kun. (Takaki) / A relationship where we’re not too close or too far. Even when we’re together, we just do things freely, and I don’t get tired of him. (Yabu)

Yabu<-->Inoo-chan:Mutual feelings?
Even when I’m being annoying, he would say, “I like that part about you.” (Yabu) / Actually, it’s just Yabu’s one-sided feeling. Within the group, we don’t often create our own world, ne. (Inoo) (lol, don’t deny it Inoo-chan, you know you love him xDD)

He’s the one that brings everyone together in Class JUMP, and I trust him like a really close older brother. (Yamada) / We’re like cousins that get close really easily, na. We also have serious talks together. (Yabu)

Yabu<-->Chinen:Actually a very deep friendship
This is a secret from everyone else, but, lately we’re really close <3 (Chinen) / The part of him that never calms down is like me. He’s just like the me in the past! (Yabu)

Inoo-chan<-->Hika:Snowboard Buddies
My outfit is white and red, and Inoo-chan’s top and bottom is opposite of mine. Is it supposed to be a pair look!? (Yaotome) / With Hikaru, I don’t have to worry even though we have to sleep over. (Inoo)

Dai-chan-->Inoo-chan:The person who makes me laugh
He’s always the one making me laugh. I kind of like Inoo-chan’s gag sense, ne. (Arioka)

Inoo-chan-->Dai-chan:The target of pranks
For some reason, I feel like wanting to play pranks. But then I also feel sad when the reaction is really light (laughs) (Inoo)

Chii-->Dai-chan:A reliable presence
I can carefreely ask him little questions, like “What are some headphones that you would suggest?” (Chinen)

Chii-->Yama-chan:The presence that’s closer than anybody
With Ryosuke, school, work, and everything in life, we’re together in everything. It’s nice to be together in everything, ne <3 (Chinen)

Chii-->Inoo-chan:The person I love most
It’s fun talking to him, and my tension goes up when we dance. I can’t stop anymore (laughs) (Chinen)

Chii-->Hikaru:Comedy Rival
He says funny things during thing like concert MC’s, so I’m a little jealous!! (Chinen)

Hikaru-->Chii:The person that I take off my hat to
Actually, Chinen, when its just the two of us, he gives a machine-gun talk, so no matter how long it takes, it’s always fresh. (Yaotome)

Ryu-->Takaki:He attacks me
Lately, when we exchange greetings, he lightly punches me. Of course, I do it back! I won’t lose! (Morimoto)

Ryu-->Hikaru:He attacks me (lol, why is everyone attacking Ryu? xD)
Just a little earlier, when Hikaru-kun made a pass at me, he fired up the demon in me that hates to lose! (Morimoto)

Takaki-->Ryu:We have light fights
I always try to make passes at him. It’s nice how he doesn’t hold back even to those older than him, ne. (Takaki)

Hikaru-->Ryu:We have light fights
It’s fun making passes at him. He comes at me, but surrenders right away. (Yaotome)

Takaki-->Keito:English teacher
He taught me English when we went overseas with the members. Though he doesn’t do it much in Japan. (Takaki)

Keito-->Takaki:Fashion teacher
Lately, he’s been wearing glasses with no lenses in them. Takaki-kun’s fashion is mysterious! (Okamoto)

He’s good at looking after people. When we have to go home late, he worries about me. (Yamada)

Yama-chan-->Keito:Got close quick
Anyhow, he’s just nice, and honest. To be honest, lately, I might be moving on to Keito from Dai-chan and in the middle of having an affair!? (Yamada) (lol, no, you can’t do that, Yama-chan! You already became Arioka Ryosuke!! xDD)

Yama-chan-->Yuto:Forever Sempai
With Yuto-kun, our ages are the same, but to me, from now on and forever, he will always be a sempai that I respect. (Yamada)

Yuto-->Ryu:Massage master
Sometimes, I use my drumsticks and give Ryutaro a massage. (Nakajima)

Yuto-->Inoo-cham:Helped with homework
A while before, [Inoo-chan] asked me, “Take a picture of (kanji I can’t read >.<) for my project,” and I took it for him! (Nakajima)


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