Wednesday, March 9, 2011

School Festival

Tomorrow is our school's Rhododendron arts festival! I can't wait! Tomorrow night at seven pm, there will be an activity that we write our 2011 wish, tie it onto a lantern! Not those lanterns from Halloween. But those Japanese style ones. Then we light the lantern and send the wish off. 
The arts festival will be 2 days! Tomorrow and Friday. And then on Saturday is our school festival! My class will be selling tempura...Know what it is? It's a Taiwanese snack. We'll also be selling boiled eggs! I've always wanted to wear those chief hats! Haha, I can't wait. By the way, today we got our height measured. I grew 3 cm! I'm so happy. I also got fatter, too much ice cream? 

I'll definitely get fatter if I ate their ice cream. xD
And i'm also working hard on uploading the clips of You're beautiful to those free websites, WHY ARE THE FILES SO BIG? 

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  1. LOL I eat whatever I like and I don't care if it makes me fat x) haha but now I'm starting to care x(


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