Friday, March 11, 2011

2011.03.11 Tsunami and earthquake in Japan

Have you guys seen the news? Japan, somewhere near Miyagi...There was a 8.9 level earthquake! And a very big tsunami, the tsunami also hit Taiwan. Around 2 o'clock this afternoon, the news said that the tsunami will get to Taiwan in 3-4 hours, so the tsunami hit Taiwan around 5 o'clock. The places that were hit was east side of Taiwan. Keelung, New Taipei were hit. As for Japan, Tokyo was on fire, Hokkaido had a big tsunami. Here's a video that I filmed of the news. It's very wobbly..And it's in Chinese. 
I can read some parts of it, I'll try to translate? 
It said that Hey!Say!JUMP wasn't confirmed that the whole group was safe, but it said that NYC's group members were all safe. So Chinen and Yamada are fine and uninjured. It also said that Yuto has a minor injury. 
That's all the translating i'll do. 

1) ジャニーズ 手越・錦戸・内・藤ヶ谷・北山・光一・町田・NYCが無事の様子。ジャニーズウェブで更新されれば横山・中丸も無事。
2) NEWS 山下 錦戸 手越小山 加藤 増田 KAT-TUN 亀梨 上田 田口中丸 田中 関ジャニ大倉 村上 横山安田藤ヶ谷 北山赤西 内くん まっすーかめなすぃー無事でよかった!
3) 【ジャニ安否】手越、錦戸、藤ヶ谷、北山、田口(ドラマ)亀梨(横浜スタジアム)赤西(ダンサースタッフ)内、町田、光一(SHOCK)NYC(Mステ)丸山、中丸、上田、渋谷(ジャニウェブ)山下、安田、村上、横山、大倉、小山、加藤、増田、田中、は無事!
All Johnnys listing above are safe
Credits to: tomo_roses
I forgot to mention...This earthquake was ranked number 7 in the world's top earthquakes.
Sorry that I keep on editing this post over and over again. Okay, it's 10:36pm right now in Taiwan, and this is the latest news about Hey!Say!JUMP:
Hikaru and Keito are perfectly fine! Yamada, Daiki and Yabu have little injuries(Like scratches) Yuto is in the hospital getting treated. I'm not sure if it's true. But I think it's not. Will be posting more information once I get them. 

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