Monday, February 7, 2011

Shida Mirai shows off her wedding dress

Shida Mirai will be showing herself off in a wedding dress, for the first time in the last episode of drama, “Himitsu,” which will be broad casted on December 10th.  ”Himitsu” is a drama starring Sasaki Kuranosuke and Shida Mirai as a “married couple,” in which Sasaki’s dead wife’s spirit goes into his daughter (Shida).
Shida said, “I was dreaming to wear a wedding dress some day in the future, but never expected to wear it at 17 years old.  It’s quite too early.” She also talked about her ideal marriage, “I want to get married when I’m 24 years old, since my parents got married at that age, and they always say they are happy.  I wish the groom would be Kuranosuke-san, although it may be all because I’m too into the drama right now.”
My view: 
-I think Shida looks so pretty in her wedding dress! I also agree with her, you are too into the drama!!! I wish the groom would be Kamiki Ryunosuke or Ryosuke Yamada! >///<
Anyways, I think...I'm too into teen stars right now! All I ever post is about them! But...thats what everyone likes right? My life is boring, nothing really happens. BTW! I'm done writing the first part of my two-shot! I'll be posting it tomorrow in a new page. Wait for it! ^^
Summary and me! I think you guys seen this picture already? I just edited different :)

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