Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hey!Say! JUMP’s Okamoto Keito to appear in “Kinpachi Sensei Final”

Previously, we reported that the TBS drama “Kinpachi Sensei“, starring Takeda Tetsuya, would end its 32 years of history, and that the special drama, temporary titled “Kinpachi Sensei Final“, would be broadcasted in March.
Today, on February 4th, it was announced that Hey!Say! JUMPmember, Okamoto Keito, has been chosen as one of the main students for the final.  Okamoto’s role will be as the delinquent student who has transferred to Kinpachi’s class, and Kinpachi trying to reclaim him will be the central focus of the drama.
This will mark Okamoto’s first appearance in a drama, and he has strong feelings for the show.  Why?  The reason is not only that many of his JE seniors have made appearances in the drama series, but also that his father, Okamoto Kenichi (actor), made an appearance as a student in a special episode which was broadcasted back in December 1985.
Okamoto commented, “I’m very honored to be able to appear in this great drama.  I will try my best without being defeated by the pressure and anxiety.
My View:
-I'm so late, all of you guys must have known it already huh? Anyways, I just wanted to share it to those who haven't known about this. This is the FULL news, by the way. 
-I'm glad that Keito can finally act in something. I don't remember seeing him in any dramas, have you? So this is a rare opportunity for him!  

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