Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[OneShot] Jealousy

Title: ​Jealousy
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Type: Oneshot
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto/OC

Ooshima Mei(大島梅) a really quiet girl that is actually really innocent. She's just more of a listener than a talker. She is really cute and just sees the good in everything. Yuto is a really popular guy, while Mei is just an average girl. Yuto likes Mei, but she's so shy around him. So Yuto does everything he can to get Mei to like him.

(Yuto’s POV)

“Can everyone hand in their biology notes? You can give them to me or leave it on the lectern.” I spoke loudly in front of the classroom door.

One by one, classmates handed me their booklet filled with biology notes, smiling, I thanked them and counted the collected ones.

One was missing.

I looked sideways and saw one lonely booklet by itself on the lectern.

‘Ooshima Mei’ it said on the front cover in neat writings, a slow smile crept on my face. Scanning the classroom for Mei, I saw her looking out the window. With the sun shining brightly on her, it was like she was an angel sent from above. So pure, so golden and so innocent, I guess that’s why she caught my attention. 

She turned this way and I locked eyes with her, one second later she looked away real quick, blushing madly.

I cracked a smile and started walking towards her desk.

“I handed my notes, it’s on the lectern if you didn’t see.” Mei said shyly.

‘We didn’t get a chance to talk further more.’

“Mei! Let’s go eat something after school.” Ryosuke and Yuri popped up from behind her.

“Okay.” Mei replied, laughing a bit.

My eyes widened as reality struck me; I’ve never heard her laugh before.

“Yuto! Let’s bring the notes to the teacher already.” Keito rolled his eyes at me, impatience in his voice.

“Yuto! Lend me your math textbook for next class okay?” A classmate shouted from the other side of the classroom as he waved my textbook in the air.

“Then what about my needs?” I asked, teasing him.

“Yah, you don’t have math for next class.” The classmate groaned.

“Just kidding, make sure you don’t lose it.” I laughed.

 “Yuto! Dude, you’re taking forever. I hate that you’re so popular.” Keito whined, tapping his feet once every two seconds.

“Coming!” I laughed, walking up to him and nudging him on the head.


After we made a visit to the teacher’s lounge, on the way back, Keito ran off somewhere saying he’ll meet me at the soccer fields after school. I walked alone with my hands in my pocket, strolling down the long hallway.

The hallway’s unusually quiet; it’s always full of people’s footsteps or chatting sounds. There was only a few girls walking around the hallway today, somehow it felt quite peaceful.

Mei walked down the hallway; in her hands were books from the library.

“Here, let me help you.” I quickly rushed up to her and took off half of the books she was carrying.

“Thanks.” She replied.

“No problem. By the way, you’re really good at biology right?” I gave her a cheerful smile, “I was thinking if you could study with me this weekend. You know, since the exams are around the corner. Even though I’m excited about the class trip after the exams, I still can’t help but get depressed with my biology. I don’t know how to study it.” I explained.

“Eh? Uh…” Mei stuttered.

“I’m so sorry if I burdened you!” I didn’t want her to feel burden by my question, I guess I wanted to explain some more to her, I didn’t even know I dropped the books on the floor, I was a bit too energetic maybe.

“Ah! I’m so sorry!” I rubbed my chin, bended down and picked up the books one by one.

Great, now Mei will think I’m a complete idiot. But she never failed to surprise me.

“No, you didn’t burden me at all. I don’t mind studying with you. Thanks for the offer, Yuto.” Mei gave me a smile. I froze for a second, staring at her from my position on the floor, while she did the same to me.

After a few seconds, I looked away with my face as red as a tomato. I can still remember that it was her who looked away blushing madly just a few minutes ago, now its visa versa.

“So…When should we meet? This Saturday morning at 9, in front of our school library, is that okay?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Sure.” She nodded her head lightly.

“Well, see you then Ooshima-chan.” I gave her two thumbs up and the books dropped again. Mei laughed again.

“Oops.” I blushed.


[Saturday Morning]
I got to the library five minutes ahead, Mei sat on the stairs reading a book.

“Hey! Wow, you’re early,” I sat beside her, “let’s go in?” I asked.

“Can Yuri come?” Sora asked.

“Why?” A wave of shock went through my body. She invited someone else?

“Because…I invited him with us…I hope it’s okay…” Mei said.

“Er…yeah, it’s totally fine!” I replied cheerfully. A bit of sadness rushed over me.

“Mei, I knew you would come early again. You always do that, I know you so well.” Yuri came running up to Mei and smiling at her.

“Let’s go.” I waved at Yuri before heading up the stairs alone, letting the two of them tag behind me.

“Mei, be careful of your steps. Wouldn’t want to fall down again like last time.” Yuri said loud enough for me to hear.

I bit my lower lip, why did this happen to me? Well, it must be Yuri who wanted to tag along. Mei isn’t that type of girl who would actually invite another boy.

An hour past, all I did was watch Yuri and Mei doing this and that, while all I could do was just sit there and roll my eyes about their behavior.

“Ooshima-chan, can you teach me--” Yuri interrupted my question, “Yah, Mei! Ryutaro, Ryosuke and I were thinking about going to the movies next weekend, do you think you can make it?”

“Sure.” She smiled.

I rolled my eyes and focused on my test notes, the veins in my hand emerged as I held my pen tightly.

I’m going to get Mei to like me more, no matter what.

“Ooshima-chan, come with me.” I stood up and took hold of Mei’s thin arm and dragged her out of the library.

“What is it?” She asked quietly.

“I like you. Please go out with me.” I said. After several moments, she nodded her head.

“I like you, too.” She gave me a smile.

“You do?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah.” She blushed.

“Then it’s official.” I smiled brightly.

“But, I’m still new to this…Is it okay if you wait for me to catch up?” She asked.

“Of course!” I grinned stupidly.

Back in the library, I couldn’t focus on my notes anymore, the scene kept on replaying and replaying in my head. Oh, the joy. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about this. But, giving her sometime, I’m going to announce this after the exams.

I hope she’ll like what I have in mind for her. I smiled widely.

[The Next Day]

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she would sometimes turn around and blush, making me blush and look away, but my eyes would always find its way back to her.

After class, I ran up to her, although having nothing to say, we would still smile at each other. Until Yuri came into the picture.

“Mei! That class was so boring!” Yuri put an arm around Mei’s waist. She nodded lightly and gave him a pat. Which looked more like a hug in my point of view, the veins in my hand slowly emerged from the surface of my skin.

I wanted to give her space with her friends, but I want them to know that she’s mine. I can’t wait until the day of our trip.

After school, Yuri and the rest of Mei’s friends beat me to her desk. My eyes followed all the way to Mei’s hands, being held tightly in Yuri’s hands. He helped her up and they walked out of the classroom just like that.

“What are you staring at Hoya?” One of her friends, Ryutaro looked at me weirdly.

“Nothing.” I smiled and ended the conversation when Keito put and arm around me along with my other friends and dragged me away.

My last glimpse of her shocked me.

She and Yuri were hugging. I need her to be mine, haven’t she told her friends?

Is she, playing with me? Jealousy got the best of me.

“Oi, YUTO!!” My friend screamed at me, waking me from my thoughts.

“What?” I screamed back, teasing them mixed with a bit of annoyance.

“What are you going to wear tomorrow?” Daiki asked.

“What are you? A girl?” Yuya shot at Daiki.

“What’s tomorrow?” I asked.

“THE CLASS TRIP!” They shouted at me.

“That fast?” I asked.

“Yeah.” They rolled their eyes. I smiled widely; it was time for me to announce out relationship. That night, I sent a text to Mei

‘Hey! Are you asleep?’ –Yuto

‘Too excited.’ –Mei

‘Is it okay if I announce our relationship tomorrow?’ –Yuto

I didn’t get a reply after that, well, it was eleven already. I closed the lights and dozed off.

[Tomorrow Morning]
On the bus, our class was lively and energetic like a bunch of monkeys stuck in a big car, taking them to their wonderland.

I sat beside Mei, she stared out and window, smiling time to time when she hears something funny going around out class.

I let my body act by itself, the next thing I knew, Mei’s head rested on my shoulder while our hands were entwined. Everyone was sleeping, tired already? I thought to myself.

But when I woke up, I couldn’t find Mei anywhere. Keito tapped my shoulder and rolled his eyes.

“Everyone got off already, sleepy head.”

“Where’s Mei?” I asked. He shrugged and replied, “I saw her get off the bus with Taeil helping her down the steps. Oh, I think that Kei say them taking photos together outside of the bus just a few seconds ago. With their face sticking close to each other. Like this.” Keito placed his cheek next to mine. I groaned but laughed it off together with him.

After I got out of the bus, the teacher gathered us and told us that we’ll be staring in this hotel for the night. There’s a hot spring that we can go to before and after dinner.

I smiled widely; dinner’s the great time to announce the great news. Mei and I didn’t talk much throughout the trip; she stayed with her friends while I stayed with mine. Sometimes we’ll share eye-contact.

Just wait, everything’s about the change.

[Dinner Time]
This was a traditional Korean hot spring, not to mention we’re sitting on traditional Korean chairs. Everything’s Korean. From the glimpse of my eye, I saw Mei laughing at Ryosuke’s expression. He just loved Korea.

It was time for dinner and everyone gathered around the table, waiting for the food to serve. The teachers aren’t here yet and almost everyone’s goofing off. I took my chance and stood up.

“What is it Yuto?” My friends asked me, Mei looked up at me, too.

“Mei and I are a couple already.” I smiled widely, hearing the wolf whistles and shouts of joy made me happy. 

“That’s great! Since when?” A classmate asked.

“Well, since last time we went to the library together, I confessed and replied the same feelings.” I smiled wider.

“Yuto! Mei! Yuto! Mei!” Everyone shouted, Mei blushed, and I pulled her up and held her hand.

“But I have a concern.” I said, changing the tone to a more serious one.

“What?” Everyone said in union.

“Is she playing with me?” I asked, I could hear gasps and murmurs around the class. “Is she playing with me? Trying to test me? Being all ‘that’ with Yuri.” I looked into her eyes.

“Say the truth! Say the truth!” Everyone chanted.

“I’m not.” She replied quietly. “Louder!” Everyone kept chanting.

“I’m not! He’s a really close friend. I’m sorry if I made you think of me that way.” She said loudly, ending the sentence with a wide smile.

The next second happened so fast, everyone was as shocked as I was.

Mei kissed me. 

When she pulled away, a wider and satisfied smile was found on her pretty face.

“I love you.” She said, not a bit of shyness was found.

This is unlike her.

She’s always so polite and shy.


I like the new her.


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