Saturday, October 15, 2011

Learning Japanese & Arashi GIFs

I'm finally able to start learning Japanese. My mom let me go to classes, and of course I've been self-studying for a while now. I can't wait to be able to speak Japanese! Not to mention read and write. I don't want to rely on subtitles and translations anymore! I've got to start doing things for myself. I'm such a coward for not starting to learn this language before! Well, I'm kind of lazy to study Japanese right now, since I caught a cold. I'm having a fever right now, I'm lazy to think about anything...Writing or designing and studying...I'm just not in the mood. x3 But I do want to share pictures of me and my sister when we went to this Japanese restaurant downtown in the summer.
Keep on reading for ARASHI LOVE! :D

AND!! Do you think I'll just let people down by a simple rant from me? Nope! I was just watching 'Saigo no Yakusoku' And started to flail over Arashi. Anyways, they are just so cute!
Arashi = 100% CUTE
Disclaimer: NOT MINE. 

Oh! And another thing about me, I'm working on a tragedy/horror story. It's progressing slowly, since I want to finish it all before posting it out. But it'll come out! The poster is EPIC! Made by me of course. xD Just had a sudden wave of rush and made that awesome masterpiece of mine. 
Anyways, support my stories and my collab story with Mai Chiba...

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