Sunday, September 11, 2011


I know it's late, but I just found something really nice and awesome! A picture of wanting Japan to be strong and brave when everything happened back on March 11th. Looking back in time, wow, lots of stuff sure had happened then. Glad everything's back to normal already! Made by Zelda994612 @ DeviantART
Enjoy this!! I really like the drawing of Japan...And that's Taiwan's traditional outfit! It's like an awesome love story!! This art is called: Dear Japan...From Taiwan
Japan was the first to come to Taiwan's aid back when Typhoon Morakot disaster washed away entire villages...

Taiwan donated 40 billion Yen for Japan disaster relief, and sent tons of first aid equipments to Japan... even though Taiwan and Japan has a rather ambiguous relationship. Officially we broke off diplomatic relations because of P.R.O.C, but we people still love each other...

Back when Japan owned Taiwan, Japan saw potentials in Taiwan and taught her a lot... Even now, after the war, many Taiwanese people feel grateful toward Japan for what they did.

I also love Japan for many reasons. It has a special place in my heart.

"fight & smile" is a quote by one of the surviving victims when interviewed by reporter...

Japan people are honorable and have such strong hearts. Did you see how organized and united they are when devastating disasters hit?! I sincerely hope they will get through this soon.

Love, from Taiwan.

Credits to Zelda!!

I'm deciding on requesting for a new banner and background for this blog! The blog's becoming more 'personal' then about 'JUMP' well, this IS my personal blog! I want to request a layout, too...Hm...Haha! Anyways, the new name is: Life of a Strawberry That's all and have a good day!! 

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