Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fanfiction Suggestions & Cinema x Cinema Scans Share

I decided to switch posters and backgrounds! I also got a new music player for my site! Yay! Haha, I guess I'll start blogging again. But I've totally got nothing to blog about...xD 
By the way, I updated the fanfiction suggestions page! I guess I'll post the new updated parts onto this post. Well, it's been a long time since I last posted, so during that time...I was only reading new fanfictions, dramas, shows and many more! I found some good fanfictions, too!
If you want to check out more old suggestions, pay a visit here:  FanFiction Suggestions Page

Aishiteru, Shinigami

Summary:  A Dark Shinigami had leaved the sky just because she had falling in love with a human...She ran away...Because she wants to be a human like him...Because of love...
Main Characters: Yamashita Tomohisa, Ueta Aya, Nakayama Yuma, Yamada Ryosuke
Type: Angst, Romance, Action, Fantasy

Suprises Behold
Summary: Everyone lives in the same house, they aren't related; aren't rich. This is a story that describes their daily lives, numerous events and most of all, their feelings toward each other. You guys are high school students, aiming for a good university. None of you are related, and have problems with your family. So the landlord auntie took you guys into the house. Some of you don't even have parents! You've been living with the landlord auntie since young.
Main Characters: Hey!Say!JUMP &  OCs
Type: Comedy, Romance, Angst

I've Finally Found You
Summary: A girl called Rika started to fall in love with her friend/brother/childhood friend called Yamada Ryosuke.
Main Characters: Yamada Ryosuke, OCs, Hey!Say!JUMP
Type: Comedy, Fluff, Mystery

                                                 K-POP FanFictions                                                  

A Thousand Paper Cranes
Summary: They have this once in a lifetime chance to be happy, to live to the fullest, to do whatever they want to do, but what would happen if they suddenly found out that they need to suffice everything which was going their way.
Main Characters: Shinee & OCs
Type: Angst, Romance

The Traveler: A Multidimensional Love Story 
Summary: "I love you. And I will search through all of time and space to find you again!"
This is a story about love. A love that starts when you least expect it and sweeps you off your feet. Your love will take you places that never existed, in times that never happened. But will your love be strong enough to take you to the finish? This is a story about a girl. The girl falls in love with the boy, and he with her. Theirs is a love like no other, for it can withstand the hardest of trials. But can their love survive across parallel worlds? This is a story of time travel and science fiction, of fairy tales and romance. Kingdoms fall, planets collide, and hearts break, but love.... love goes on.
Main Characters: Us(The reader), Various K-pop Guys(Request for one!)
Type: Fantasy, Romance, Angst

Not a Relfection in the Mirror
Summary:Two twins, whose personalities are like summer and winter, end up falling for their childhood friend. One loves her but the other is having trouble expressing his love for her. Who will she choose in the end?
Main Characters: Suhoon, Yuhoon, OCs
Type: Comedy, Romance

                                                    C-POP FanFictions                                                    

The Desperate Money Huntress
Summary: A girl who had only one thing in mind, money, had never even dreamt about romance. All she ever cared about were the bus fees, how much a meal costs or what she could sell to earn more money. Everyone knew her because of this distinctive personality but many dislike her for this reason. However, everyone has their own little secret including her but her secret is something she held so deep inside her that no one ever had the chance to find out about, not even her closest friends. Nevertheless, things happen unexpectedly and just maybe this journey she was offered to find money may very well help her find something she never intended to find. Maybe because of this person, she will be able to find her own romance.
Main Characters:  S.H.E + Fahrenheit
Type: Romantic, Comedy
I think I'm biased with Kat-tun now! Haha!! P.S Has anyone seen the Smurfs movie already?? I HAVE!! I still can't believe Yamada and Chinen are going to voice act that movie..

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I don't need to make it into a download link right?
Anyways, that's Cinema x Cinema for you!

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