Monday, April 11, 2011

Ripped 愛ing~アイシテル

Listen to the new single at
Okay, so a ripped one is out! And so I've heard they sang it on one of their concerts, I'm glad they started the spring concert. I can't wait for people to post out all those pictures and stuff, and I have a feeling their going to make this concert into a DVD although Keito won't be there. He won't, right? Anyways, I'm glad I got a glimpse of this song. Thanks to KamiChan! The song is catchy and cheerful, upbeat and so JUMP. I have to say, this song is better then Arigatou Sekai no Doko ni Itemo. I also have a feeling that this will sell better. Let's hope they have a big success! Further more, I do hope that Hey!Say!JUMP will have a world tour, it's possible. But not yet, and I've taken the topic elsewhere. xDD
I'm working on the fancard, I have to make it perfect! I also think this is a great time to send it to them...Or maybe not. ^^
By the way, today...We won! Our volleyball competition won! I'm so happy, let me explain a little. I'm the server, and I only missed two balls! Either they went out of bound or didn't past the net. I'm so happy! My friend, Tina...She wants to be server, too. Oh boy, I don't want to start something between us...

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