Saturday, March 5, 2011

New TV Variety Show for Hey!Say!JUMP?

It has been announced officially in johnnys net that YYJumping will be replaced with new program "Yan Yan JUMP" In Johnnys Net, that is written that Hey!Say!JUMP will become the host. 

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My View: 
I hope it's true and I can't wait! I guess I'll miss YYJumping ne...What about you guys? Aren't you excited? By the way, I changed the template style! What do you think? Old one or new one? I like the new one. I still don't get why some people can make it so pretty. 
That's a picture from 2011.04 Potato!! I want the cake! *Click to enlarge* 

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  1. I think it's true about Yan Yan JUMP! Since it's on Johnny's net! hehehe.

    The picture is ♥! ^////^


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