Sunday, March 13, 2011

My View of information about Hey!Say!JUMP

I don't believe this is true, did you actually ask JUMP? Stop saying things you don't know for sure. How would you know how they are doing right now? This is so stupid. Don't believe things so easily! Don't say things so easily! I just noticed that now, I don't want to delete the older posts about the people who are saved, because I want to see how many people will keep on reading them and believing them. But there is a website that you can trust. I'm not really sure, but the information is much better then what people type on blogs or websites.  
Japan Person Finder:


  1. I know right!
    A lot of people say "Oh I talked to Yuto on his blog" and I'm like HE'S A POSER!!!!
    It's like JE has already said they aren't allow to have a social network and people don't seem to understand. >_<

  2. You got that right!! Why are there people like this? >///< Thanks for commenting!

  3. I have no idea. and plus you can easily see they're fake! and You're welcome! ^o^


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