Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Night at Hsimenting(西門町)

It was a really fun night, I wanted to get NYC's new single, Yume Tamago. So my dad brought me to   Hsimenting, it's kind of like Shibuya. It was really crowded. When I looked to the left, a guy. To the right, a guy. Haha, anyways. I took some pictures along the way. 

A Hey!Say!JUMP poster I saw when I was browsing the music stores, I didn't hesitate and took a picture down. It's not illegal right? 

Look at the big picture up front, in case you can't see it, It's Gantz. It's all over Taiwan! I was walking home from school, and the bus print has Gantz on it, too. ^^

We even had Sushi! This was a crab thingy? I'm not sure, but I really liked it! It was de-li-cous. 

Japanese styled-omelette. It was sweet and soft! Excepted from Japan. 

Scallop sushi!! My favorite, It was awesome...I really like it. Try is some day! 

At the end, I ate 8 plates of sushi. It's really good! My dad ate 6 plates. 

Lighten the mood! Japan is a really great and cooperative country, they can get back on their pace in no time.  Although I don't know why cooperative has to do with Japan's condition, I just can't find the right adjective. 

Guess what? I met a kitty on my way home from school, after the school festival! Aww.


  1. @the picture you took of HSJ:
    LUCKY you! You get to see them at a music store and I don't D; and taking pics of it ain't illegal ^o^

    @GANTZ poster: Luck you! You even got to see the poster of it... all I got close to was seeing the poster of it but in the back of a manga magazine :/ But I got to see the movie and it was AWESOME! =D

    @Japan comment: Yeah Japan is a beautiful prosperous country ^o^ I'm sure that in no time they'll get back to their normal lives. I'm still praying for the earth quakes and Tsunamis to stop.

    @Japanese styled-omelette: LOOKS GOOD!!! =D

    @Pics you took with Mr. Kitty :P : How kawaii!!! ^p^

  2. Haha, thank you!! :)
    Really? How was Gantz? I barely have time to watch! Maybe i'll wait for it to be out in the old movie theater near a market. I heard that Hongo Kanata is in there!! xD

  3. Welcome! ^o^
    It was AWESOME! =D
    I went to see it with my okasan and with a tomodachi and we were so clicked into the movie that we we're like "Can't wait for part 2!" XD
    LOL you should totally go and see it! =D

  4. Haha, lucky!!! I'll definitely go watch it!! There's a part 2? WOW!! XD More Hongo ne.


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