Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magazine Scans of 2011.05 [Myojo]

I'm not sharing download links, nor translation links...Just what I think of the pictures! ^^ 

Sugoi...Check it out! Yuto has brown streaks! Inoo's hairstyle is so cool! Keito even has a new hairstyle too! They all look so handsome! ♥ ♥ Haha, Yabu and Hikaru are cuter then ever! :D 

Daiki...What are you doing? Haha, I guess it's part of your nature! Like a little kid! I can see why people call you 'Dai-chan' Ryosuke is younger then Daiki, but he acts so mature and handsome! ^^ They should switch! Yuya has a new hairstyle too! SUGOI...Yuri and Ryutaro's smile are so bright! Smile more for us ne.

Daiki just shot me with his devious smile~~ >///< I'm about to nosebleed. Ryosuke's eyes are so handsome...It's making me melt, is it even possible? Melting and nose bleeding at the same time? LOL 

Haha, Yuri as the principal? SUGOI! He looks so cute with the moustache! ^^ Ryosuke's the nurse?? WAAHHH~~~ 

Yes...Keito look here! Look here!! They way you sit is so...So...Haha, I don't know how to say it! ^^ Yabu, are you going to give me a lecture? 

My View:
I love the photos! I wanted to buy the April magazines, but never had time! And then now the May one's are out!! URGH...I just hope it isn't sold out...>///<

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