Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pop star triangles-Shida Mirai,Yamada Ryosuke,Hongo Kanata

I just finished watching Seigi no Mikata, have you guys seen it yet? 
Yoko (Mirai Shida), a first-year high-school student, has been the victim of her older sister, Makiko (Yu Yamada), since they were little girls. Makiko treats Yoko as her personal servant, making her feel useless and stupid. Yoko has tried to tell others that Makiko is evil, but the older girl is good at showing a benevolent face to the world, so no one believes Yoko. Makiko becomes more demanding the older they get, even using Yoko to get boyfriends for her. One morning, when Yoko leaves home for school, she sees Makiko talking to Yoko's boyfriend, who is there waiting for her. Makiko has told him something embarrassing about Yoko, and Yoko can no longer stand it.
And in the show, there's Hongo Kanata...He's handsome isn't he? I love him and Shida...If only there were more parts about them! I'm a very emotional person, and when I saw that Riku (Hongo Kanata) Was leaving Shida...I was so sad! I almost cried ne. Why is it always about the sister? Why can't there be more of Shida and Hongo? In other words, i'm NOT satisfied. 
I also came upon lots of fanfictions and fanvideos about Mirai, Ryosuke and Hongo...It's a love triangle ne? But it's nonsense, I mean...The three of them are just actors who are doing their work, and they are young. Why do fans make these kind of stuff up? Why can't they just be friends? 
I guess...I am still too young to know anything, huh?

(Sorry for the bad quality) 


  1. I agree...There should be more parts of Shida and Kanata!

  2. Omiigosh!! Seigi no mikata is like one of my favorite Jdramas, although they should have shown more romance between Shida Mirai and Kanata Hongo >•<


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