Friday, January 21, 2011

My Views

Yay!! I've got 500 views now!! :)
Aren't you guys happy for me? Hahaha, Now...All I need is 1000 views!
Ganbatte ne~ I hope...By that time, I might be able to have some followers.

*Sigh* I hate my writing class..The writing class is ruining my whole WINTER BREAK!! T^T I thought I would be free for winter break this year...until my mom signed me up for this STUPID WRITING CLASS!!! I already went today...It seems okay, but I promise you, I don't want to go tomorrow! The class is so hard! The class is particularly made for smart people! And tell you one thing, I AM NOT SMART.

Anyways, enough chit chatting...Here's a translation link to Yamada's translation of Wink up
Yamada Ryosuke's Translation WINK UP

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