Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi~ Hi~ I've noticed something new lately, people actually click the buttons below! You know like the 'taking, like, dislike, cool' People actually click on them!! ^^ Thanks for clicking~ Oh, and I've removed the followers button, it's no use anyways.

Anyways, today was the last day of my writing class! I'm sad...It was really fun! Yet...I don't want to go again! Haha, I'm sad is because, i'll miss the awesome teacher! The awesome school! My awesome seat in the back! T^T Now, it's all gone! I also like writing all the stories~ *sigh*

And guess what!? I saw Super Junior stuff in 7-11!!! I wanted to buy it so badly...I actually can buy it!!! I only wish is was Hey!Say!JUMP, LOL~~ I'm not a big fan of SUJU...So yeah.

Lot's of rubbish today ne! ^^ Here's a picture I made of Chinen and me,
Can You see that I added my Chinese name on the left bottom
under Chinen's name? Hahaha, Anyways...This picture of me is old..I'm too lazy to take a new one! ^^

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